Cyber Security – UTM


Cyber Security – UTM

Total protection against all forms of cyber attacks.

The growing frequency and sophistication of security threats makes protecting organizations more challenging every year. KITS technologies, working hand in hand with global leaders in Cybersecurity, is strongly positioned to offer you the best solution available today (worldwide) to protect companies’ valuable assets against espionage and all forms of cyber-attacks.

We deliver extremely high-end, and multi-layered line of defense and extensive security intelligence covering; Next-generation firewalls, Network traffic analytics and endpoint security to help you combat today’s threats and prepare for tomorrow’s.

Our solution is founded on a security design principle, that proactively prevents cyber-attacks rather than reacting to a known threat. This radically new approach protects even against complex attacks that, for example, use zero day exploits to take advantage of the weakness of antivirus software or traditional firewalls.

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